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Execute Executive Order #10! The End of The Georgia Guidestones

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The Georgia Guidestones, a controversial roadside attraction, with strong neo-Nazi vibes, sometimes inexplicably referred to as an American Stonehenge, has been the source of rumour, legend and conspiracism from their construction in 1980, most probably at the behest of a wealthy white supremacist, up to the local gubernatorial primaries of 2022, when failed candidate Kandiss Taylor proposed her own executive order #10 calling for their destruction. Their actual destruction a short time later by an as yet unidentified bomber did not end the theorising.

With the initial reports of the Guidestones’ destruction came the all too predictable attribution to an act of God, led by Taylor herself who Tweeted:

God is God all by Himself. He can do ANYTHING He wants to do. That includes striking down Satanic Guidestones.

Police statements and surveillance footage clearly indicating a bombing were not enough to dissuade Taylor and others, although they did change the apparent Deus ex machina from earthquake to lighting strike.

As to why the big guy waited until after Taylor had been eliminated from the gubernatorial race to bring his mighty rod down on this satanic altar, the conspiracists point to a photo of red stains atop the monument as evidence of recent blood sacrifice. The stains, however, were there a year earlier and had been since at least 2015, when the image used to support the claim was actually taken. They may even date back to 2008 when anti-New World Order protestors covered the stones in polyurethane and red spraypainted slogans.

The Stones’ apparent support for eugenics and depopulation meant speculation about their rebuilding quickly settled on a clear candidate for the job, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Taylor had previously linked COVID vaccination with the Stone’s commandments and Bourla had been the subject of false theorizing accusing him of such plotting as little as a month previously. As for evidence, a flimsily faked NY Times article, over-egged with a 666 reference, was quickly churned out to match the clumsily edited video that supported that earlier claim.

It is of course impossible to complete this, or indeed practically any, modern conspiracist post without mention of the other big man, indeed the bigliest man, and sure enough a doctored image of former President Donald J. Trump carrying out the destruction himself popped up on Twitter late June, reappearing on Truth social with the caption “ready?” a few days prior to the attack. While after the attack a badly doctored image from Korean conspiracists started circulating showing the Stones replaced with a giant golden Trump bust.

The apparent execution of executive order #10 has proven controversial among the conspiracists themselves, with self-appointed conspiracist-in-chief Alex Jones lamenting the loss of what would have been an invaluable piece of evidence, amounting to a signed confession, when, any day now, he finally brings down the cabal. Either way, as ADL conspiracy researcher Katie McCarthy has pointed out the bombing is yet another in a growing list of example of how conspiracy theories “do and can have a real-world impact.”

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