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Cambridge Skeptics is a not-for-profit community organisation which is on a mission to promote skepticism and critical thinking skills in a positive way via public engagement. We host monthly Skeptics in the Pub events with speakers on various subjects as well as social events such as book clubs and coffee meets. We also run events in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival.

Our events are open to everyone, whether you consider yourself to be a skeptic or not. If the subject matter is of interest, please come along and join the discussion.

The Cambridge group was founded in November 2009 by Chris Gerrard and Andrew Holding who met to set up a local Skeptics in the Pub group. 

In January 2017, Shaun Lotay and Claire Page joined the organising committee and the group has since expanded into running further events. In 2018, Chris Gyford, Erika Nitsch, Sam Livingstone and Sumin Baxter joined the group to further the group's aims by pursuing engagement via social media platforms and also by introducing some social events including coffee socials and a book club. 


Since expanding the operations, our group dropped the ‘in the Pub’ from their name to become ‘Cambridge Skeptics', although we still run Skeptics in the Pub events as part of the international Skeptics in the Pub network.

The Skeptics In The Pub Network

Skeptics in the Pub is an international collection of groups which run monthly events in a social setting.


The Skeptics in the Pub event was first started in London (UK) by Dr. Scott Campbell in 1999, for those interested in science, history, psychology, philosophy, investigative journalism and how to examine extraordinary claims of all types.


Many other groups started adopting this format under the title of Skeptics in the Pub, and shortly after the Skeptics in the Pub Network (often shortened to SiTP) was founded by Sid Rodrigues.

The map opposite shows the current locations of other known Skeptics in the Pub groups globally.

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Cambridge Skeptics is a not-for-profit community organisation.