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Resistance Is Futile: You Will Be Assimilated

Fears of Borg-style assimilation stirred up by CBN News’s mostly accurate reporting of RFID chips and vaccines, discussed previously, can best be seen in a version of the video shared and, judging by the watermarking, re-edited by Elizabeth Johnston, aka Activist Mommy. A quick comparison of this to the original reveals how apparently innocuous statements can be re-interpreted to fit with existing beliefs through psychologist Jean Piaget’s own process of assimilation.

Only around a minute and a half of carefully re-edited footage from the original CBN News interview appears in the Johnston version, titled Vaccine In Development With "Optional" Tracking Microchip. Much of this redux’s three-minute runtime is instead taken up with title cards, which, in suspicious subversion of the screenwriting aphorism “show, don’t tell”, give us an, at best, creative summary of what was actually said in the edited out sections.

The first such intertitle introduces us to Jay Walker, somewhat miscast as an evil CEO, and his company’s nefarious plan for, “mass delivery of vaccines with microchip technology”. These plot points are later backed up with carefully selected clips of Walker talking about long-term goals first for America and then the world, and of the interviewer promising to keep an eye on his new technology, referring to the pre-filled syringes, not the chips as we are seemingly misled to believe.

The chip, we are informed by the next intertitle, “would give officials information on who has and has not been vaccinated,” a claim in direct contrast to Walker’s actual statement at that point in the interview. “That chip only refers to the dose,” he states, “there’s no personal information, no patient information”. An actual part of this stock control chips’ real use, to provide information on when the vaccine doses expire, is, however, quietly tagged on to the end of the title card with a quick “as well as”.

“The chip tracks the location of the patient,” the intertitles continue, “so that official can know where the vaccinated patients are,” again in direct contrast with Walker’s actual statement. “It’s simply like a barcode,” he states, “only we know instantaneously where and when that dose has been used.” Once again a little of the real value of this information, in allowing logistical allocation of the vaccine doses to the areas where they are most needed, is stirred in to the mix, presumably for the sake of authenticity.

These intertitles reach an ominous conclusion with the statement, “Walker says the chip is optional,” which the inverted commas in the title have already prepared us to distrust. The option in question is not, however, if we want to have this chip injected into us, as the re-edit would seemingly have us believe, but rather, as Walker makes clear, whether or not the government wants to pay the additional cost for this fancy stock-control option. Hardly a concern we need inverted commas for.

Ironically, this apparently deliberately misleading re-edit was far from necessary, as a quick scan of the original video’s comment section or even of those debunking the claims, such those by VERIFY and CBN News itself, and show that these misinterpretations were already being made. As Piaget has informed us, the mental frameworks (schemata) and ability to adapt new information (assimilation) into those frameworks needed to mislead us are things we already possess as a simple matter of biology.

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