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Promises Made, Promises Kept: NESARA IS HERE 🌈

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

On Dec 5th, 2021, at 18:35, some 22 years or so after his death in a plane crash, the late John F. Kennedy Jr. posted to Telegram a screen shot of a reward checking account with a balance of $150,007,134.81 along with the message “Promises Made, Promises Kept NESARA IS HERE” and a rainbow emoji. Decoding this cryptic message reveals that, before being resurrected by QAnon, JFK Jr. had seemingly been involved with another conspiracy cult, eerily similar in almost every way except its party-political affiliations.

NESARA cult leader Shaini Candace Goodwin, aka Dove of Oneness, a former student of the New Age sect Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, got her start on this path as an investor/victim of, turned apologist for, the fraudulent Omega Trust investment scheme. The “Trust” run by retired pool hall manager Clyde Hood, who claimed to have been divinely inspired to “help the little guy,” promised a 50-to-1-return in 275 days on sums of $100 cash Fed-Exed to him wrapped in tinfoil. You can make this stuff up, he did.

As the affinity fraud collapsed and Hood headed off to prison, Dove revealed that high-ranking military and intelligence officers called the White Knights were fighting against the Dark Agenda that had framed Hood and was attempting to defraud the Omega investors. To protect the investors from being tracked by the authorities she warned them against sharing anything they knew with the investigators working on restitution and to avoid any online sources of information about the case other than her own.

Dove exclusively revealed that Omega would be paid off following the imminent Great Awakening, when a secret law, signed by outgoing President Bill Clinton, called the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (NESRA) was announced. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court was preventing that announcement on penalty of death and the computers about to enact the law were destroyed when new President George W. Bush flew an aeroplane into the WTC on 9/11. Remember to back-up your files, people!

One person, in particular, who was surprised to hear all this was teaching consultant Harvey Francis Barnard, who had drafted NESARA as an academic exercise while preparing his PhD. His proposed bill to replace income tax with a national sales tax, abolish compound interest on secured loans, and return to bimetallic currency, had met with little interest when distributed to senators, so he published it online under the provocative title, “Draining the Swamp.” You see where this is going, now?

It is there that first Dove and more recently the QAnonies (presumably attracted to the title), found and completely failed to understand the suggested policies with devastating effects. Over the years, believers have racked up enormous debts presuming all personal debt were about to be cancelled, invested heavily on worthless foreign currencies on the understanding that all currencies would soon be re-pegged to the same level, and of course continued to invest heavily in the prosperity schemes of affinity fraudsters.

Here then we have another case, as with the #SaveTheChildren movement, of the Mother of all Conspiracies spreading its arms and drawing in the distressed, the desperate and the dispossessed from across the political and religious spectrum with false hope and age-old debunked nonsense in shiny new packaging. So, perhaps instead of listening to the second coming of JFK Jr. we should heed the wise words of NESARA author Barnard himself, who said, "If you believe any of that, you might also want to start looking for ocean front property in Nebraska."

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