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Our Mission


We are a not-for-profit community organisation, founded to promote science, positive skepticism and critical thinking skills via public engagement. 

We also host monthly Skeptics in the Pub and social events.

Our events are open to everyone, whether you consider yourself to be a skeptic or not. If the subject matter is of interest, please come along and join the debate.


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Groups We Collaborate With


Skeptics in the Pub

Cambridge Skeptics is part of the international Skeptics in the Pub Network. Skeptics in the Pub are groups which meet and converse in the UK and beyond, usually gathering once every month. Dr. Scott Campbell, who founded the first branch in London by in 1999, arranged lectures in pubs for anyone who was interested in science, history, psychology, philosophy or how to examine extraordinary claims of all sorts. The format was very popular after many groups adopted the format and title, the network was officially formed by Sid Rodrigues.

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Cambridge Alehouse Philosophers

The Cambridge Alehouse Philosophers are a group of people who enjoy talking about ideas, and who are philosophically inclined or would like to find out more about philosophy.  We meet every two weeks, normally on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Our venues are nearly always pubs, in various different parts of Cambridge, which offer a free public space and where those who are so inclined can also have a drink!

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Cambridge Humanist Group

The Cambridge Humanist Group is a welcoming and diverse community of atheists and secularists. We are committed to good company and a good life without religion. We stand up for the right of non-believers to be free from imposition by religious views and organisations. We run Sunday coffee mornings at CB2 Bistro, hold a pub social at a central Cambridge venue on most 1st Thursdays of the month, hold discussions and various social events throughout the year.


Good Thinking Society

The Good Thinking Society is a nonprofit organisation promoting scientific scepticism established by Simon Singh in September 2012. ​ The society aims to raise awareness of and fund sceptical projects. ​ The goal of the society is 'to encourage curiosity and promote rational thinking'. In partnership with its advisory board, consisting of several friends of Cambridge Skeptics (including Professor Richard Wiseman and Professor Edzard Ernst), the organisation has run several successful campaigns promoting public awareness of such issues.

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